Bouncy Castle Party

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Yippeee!” he yelled as he bounced like a ball

and woke up Sleeping Beauty.


“You’re not Prince Charming!” the Princess yawned.

“No way!” said Humpty D.

“I’m a rock ‘n’ rolling egg.

And I’m king of your bouncy castle.”


Sleeping Beauty called up to her friend,

locked in the tallest tower:

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel!

My castle is bouncy.

Jump out and let down your hair!”


Whoo-hoo!” shrieked Rapunzel.

“I’m free from my prison.

And I’m queen of the bouncy castle.”


Jack and Jill went up the hill

and saw the party starting.

Jack fell down and bounced back up

and Jill came tumbling after.


Hey diddle diddle!

The cat and the fiddle.

The cow jumped over the moon …

… and landed on the Big Bad Wolf.


Then three Little Pigs went:




“We’re the kings of the bouncy castle.”


Cinderella and Red Riding Hood

played Ring a-bounce-a-Roses with Goldilocks.


And when the Three Bears

and the Billy Goats Gruff

clambered onto the castle,

they all fell down.


Jack jumped down from the beanstalk

and bounced as high as a cloud.

Then everyone tried to copy him

and argued with each other.


“I’m the King!”

“I’m the Queen!”

“I’m the King!”

“I’m the Queen!”

“I’m the King of the bouncy castle!”


“Why should those goody-goodies have all the fun?”

said the Wolf.  It just wasn’t fair.

So he rounded up all his Big Bad mates

and they gate-crashed the bouncy castle party.


“You weren’t invited,” cried Sleeping Beauty

“Get down, you dirty rascals!” shouted Humpty.

But the witches cackled

and the ugly sisters squawked.

The troll burped and fought with the wolf.

They all screeched at the top of their voices:

“I’m the King!”

“I’m the Queen!”

I’m the Queen!”

“No, I’m the Queen!”

“I’m the King of the bouncy castle!”


The sun went behind a big black cloud

and it seemed like the party was over.

But that was no cloud.  It was Jack’s foe, the giant,

jumping down from the beanstalk.


The giant landed on top of the bouncing rascals

and squashed them as flat as a pancake.

Then the castle wobbled

and lost its bounce,

before it slowly disappeared.


“Sorry,” said the giant, hanging his head.

“I just had to have a go.”

“No worries,” said Humpty.

“You and the wolf

can put it together again.”

So they huffed

and they puffed

and they blew the castle back up.


And the party went on

jumping and jiving

rocking and rolling

until …

all the kings

and the queens

of the bouncy castle

had bounced themselves




© Nick Walker 2007